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Explore loss and regret in Pinstripe

Pinstripe is a puzzle platform game that explores ideas of memory, responsibility and remorse. In it, you play Teddy, a former minister searching for his missing daughter in a strange landscape full of bizarre, grotesque characters. As Teddy, you'll leap, fight and puzzle your way through a snowy supernatural landscape to confront the sinister Mr Pinstripe and reclaim you daughter -- or will you?

Into the unknown with floaty jumps

Pinstripe isn't much different from other platform puzzle games -- it focuses mainly on platforming, with its simple puzzles being secondary. The real stars of the game, however, are the narrative and the evocative setting rather than the action. The game's most interesting mechanics, such as the dim lighting in the Sack Chute level, are the ones that reinforce the game's main themes. As the story progresses, you'll learn more about who Teddy really is and what he's doing in this desolate, snowy place. It really is desolate and snowy, too: the graphics combine spooky mystery with childlike whimsy in a style reminiscent of Tim Burton. The execution of this game isn't perfect: there are times when the platforming feels frustratingly difficult, and not intentionally. However, the art and story are worth the grumbles.

Begin your journey

If you like offbeat visuals and compelling stories and can put up with some unpolished gameplay, Pinstripe is well worth a little of your time.


  • Stylish
  • evocative setting and art
  • Compelling story and characters


  • Awkward platforming controls
  • Simple
  • predictable puzzle gameplay

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